Disgusted (of Tunbridge Wells?) Leads the Pitchforks Against the New Professor Layton Game.

16 Nov

People are not happy that the new Professor Layton game is out for the 3DS.

The 3DS has been out since March 2011… someone didn’t spend their money well…

If this is your Grandmother, do the kind thing and buy her a 3DS and Layton for Christmas.

Feel for the poor folk who in 20 or more years can only play a DS, no new games for them ever again.

Yo Dawg, I iz so disappoint that i can’t playz the new Layton on my DA!

Cannot afford the abnormal version…

Nintendo’s biggest mistake, assuming people were intelligent enough to move a slider switch up and down (on and off).

I think it was a bad marketing ploy that Nintendo just didn’t stick with the old Black and White GameBoy, who needs pretty modern graphics and colour? You can just play a NES. Silly people.

What have I learnt today? That we shouldn’t pursue progress and technological advancement. Anyway I’m off to find a nice cave somewhere.


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