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One Does Not Insult the British!

25 Feb

sar fs6

I’m going to calm down from that massive slur against myself by pouring myself a lovely cup of tea into my prized William and Kate wedding mug.


Dr Karen J Stevens PhD, The Saviour of Lives MSc, Moaner of Amazon BA aka Proud Scammer from the University of Life

4 Dec

So over the weekend in the forums a woman appeared up to moan about products she received from a seller, to moan the seller had the nerve to expect her to return their items before a refund is issued. Poor dear couldn’t get to or ask someone to go a Post Office because she saves lives by some psychic brain thingy stuff. Or shejust wanted to keep the stuff and have her money back.It is possible she is disabled, in the sense of someone section her now. Of course if you want your life saved its via some expensive phone land number.

The post has been deleted now but I have her original  posting:

stupid amazon reviews superwoman karen original comment

stupid amazon reviews superwoman karen original comment part 2

Her charade was quickly spotted by other commenters. Digging around her other reviews shows her to be a serial moaner. (Or goes in a temper tantrum when she doesn’t get freebies???)

One special mention is this review:

stupid amazon reviews superwoman karen 1

If you slightly insult her grand ego expect a reply like this:

stupid amazon reviews superwoman karen 1 comments

As someone quickly did a search on her found this:

Real blurry huh?

Real blurry huh?

Honourable mentions:

I bet she’s just disappointed she didn’t think of it first:

stupid amazon reviews superwoman karen 2

I’m sure her brain is made of the stuff…

I feel kind of bad pointing this woman out, she clearly isn’t all with it… still she’s a con-artist and appears to like attention… *shrugs*

Still if you’re ever bored and suddenly want to seek out internet loons for no apparent reason, you could do worse than dear old Kaz here.


Groins, Warts and Mexican Wrestlers!

19 Nov

Question now is… where is my Batman, bat-thrust action figure?


16 Nov

Starting up a blog to keep a record of all the stupid reviews I come across (mostly) on Amazon.